Veterans Still Serving America
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American Legion Programs

The American Legion conducts many major programs.


Legion programs that serve to foster a sense of patriotism and service to the community include High School Oratorical Competitions, American Legion Baseball, Boys State/Boys Nation, Scouting Sponsorship, Flag Education, Scholarship Information, School Awards, Junior Shooting Sports and Patriotic Holiday Observances.

Children and Youth

The Legion's Children and Youth Program strives to strengthen the family unit, maintain well-rounded youth programs, and support other agencies and organizations which serve children and youth. The American Legion does this through a variety of programs, including Child Safety, Drug Abuse Prevention, Teenage Suicide Prevention, Temporary Financial Assistance, and the American Legion Child Welfare Foundation.


The National Economic Commission works with Congress, the Department of Labor, and the Office of Personnel Management to develop, implement and evaluate national employment and training programs for Veterans. It monitors Veterans preference in federal employment, the vocational Rehabilitation and Loan Guaranty Services of the Department of Veterans Affairs, and the Veterans programs of the Small Business Administration. The Commission also works closely with The President's Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities and its Committee on Disabled Veterans.

National Security

The American Legion has national security policies in the areas of Aerospace, Merchant Marine, Defense Civil Preparedness, Law and Order, and Military and Naval Affairs. Policy implementation is accomplished through both legislative action and coordination with the Department of Defense and Military Services.

Many Legion Posts, working in conjunction with local law enforcement agencies, have established Junior Law Cadet Programs. These programs serve to introduce school children to law enforcement and to establish cadet camps.

Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation

The American Legion is an organization of Veterans serving other Veterans, their widows, and their orphans. The Legion was instrumental in the creation of the Veterans Administration, was the originator of the G.I. Bill of Rights, and is constantly working to maintain the rights and benefits earned by Veterans through their service to their country. A couple of the ways in which the Legion works for Veterans are described below.

Field Services: In order to provide veterans with the quality medical service they deserve, Legion representatives make on-site visits to every VA medical facility. Their information and recommendations are submitted to VA officials for action. This information is also forwarded to Members of Congress and other government agencies.
Veterans Service Officers: Each American Legion Post has a Service Officer available to help Veterans and their families get the VA benefits to which they are entitled. In addition, a full-time American Legion Service Officer is stationed at every VA Regional Office across the country and is ready to assist Veterans and their families.

The American Legion maintains a fully staffed office in Washington, DC, to represent our 3 million members in the halls of Congress. This office constantly monitors all legislation which concerns Veterans and their families.