Veterans Still Serving America
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Helping Your Community

When you get involved in The American Legion, you have the opportunity to get involved in your community. You will have the chance to take part in a variety of community and youth projects. Click here to see what Post 150 is doing in our community.

"Get Involved" is the motto of The American Legion, the nation's largest and fastest growing organization of wartime veterans.

As a Legionnaire, you will have many opportunities to use your talents to help veterans and others in your community. Here are some of the ways Legionnaires have helped others recently.

  • Contributed and distributed more than $6 million in goods and cash to needy children and families
  • Awarded $3.8 million in college scholarships to deserving high school students
  • Contributed over $10 million to local charity campaigns
  • Donated over 2 million hours of service to local communities
  • Provided over $2 million in emergency aid to veterans
  • Spent over $37.5 million for the benefit of children and youth
  • Donated nearly 2 million hours in the VA's Voluntary Service Program, helping veterans who are patients in VA medical facilities