Veterans Still Serving America
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Why You Should Belong To AMERICAN LEGION POST 150

Why You Should Belong To

Join Sterling Post 150 and help us build a Post Home. Post 150 seeks to offer veterans a place to relax and enjoy refreshments, to have casual conversations or eat a light meal. Further, the Post hopes to provide a facility where you can toss darts, shoot pool, or play bingo. But that is not all. We want a home you can bring your spouse or a friend to and participate in a night of dinner and dancing, perhaps even to live music. And, it must be a place where young people can come, be in the presence of positive role models, see first hand the price of freedom, the meaning of patriotism, duty and honor, and the awesome responsibilities that freedom requires to maintain it in a dangerous world.

In addition, when you or your family have a special occasion to celebrate, such as a wedding, reunion, or party, the Post hopes to make spacious accommodations and services available at a reasonable cost.

And, our facility will be designed to encourage official ceremonies such as honoring members of our Armed Services who gave their time, their talents, their courage, and in some cases their lives, so that our country will forever remain the land of opportunity for every citizen and the beacon of freedom to all people in the world.