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PLC 12/3/12


-Climbing and Rappeling Event 12/8 @7:20 a.m. (meet at Parkway Pool)
*Bring water, snacks, and a bag lunch.
*Be there, or be somewhere else!
-Algonkian Parkway Clean-up 12/9 at 1:00...p.m. Obviously it's not at 1 in the morning.
*We need as many people as possible for this event!
-Troop Meeting Tuesday the 11th at the usual time (7:00 p.m.)
*PLEASE NOTE: This will be a WEBELOS open house event.
-LINK food pantry distribution 12/15--Scouts can sign up for 10:00to 12:00 and/or 1:00 to 3:00 shifts.
*This is the Troop's holiday service project.
-Court of Honor--Tuesday, December 18 @ 7:30

***But wait--there's more!***

As many of you may or may not have noticed, I have been missing every other Troop meeting becuase of musical committments I have made. If any of you are interested in being an alternate Scribe for the Troop (all you would have to do is write the notes for the Troop meetings I am not in and send them to me; I can take care of the rest), you can either contact Jake Kloman and he can get back to me or you can email me directly. Keep in mind that you would only have to do this until the next Elections at the end of January.

Thanks a lot,

Troop Meeting Minutes 10/23/12

Because I was not here this Tuesday, what follows are the notes that someone else wrote for me, word for word:

-Gear Return 7:30 Thursday
-Penguins Memorral Cleanup
-Mafeking: Headcount 11/3-11/4 (younger scouts only)
-Dues for Navl Academy due 11/16-11/18
-Orienteering Practice @ Horsepen Run Sat 11-12 Sat Sunday 28 1-3
-Mr. Pontius December Climbing headcount deadline Tuesday
Instructors: Sport Rock
Great Falls 8:30-3:30
Sat Dec 8 Instruction $60

Troop Meeting Minutes 10/9/12 and 10/16/12


-Seige of Mafeking! 11/3 to 11/4
Overnight camp-out is for First Class & below scouts only, but the older scouts can help out with the event.
Cost is $10 and has already been due. No spots left.
-Orienteering Training 10/28 at 1-3 PM
Meet at Parkway Pool parking lot. Bring a compass. Please.
This training is REQUIRED for all attending Mafeking.
-Climbing & Rappelling at Great Falls Park 12/88:30-3:30
Estimated cost is $60 for scouts/ $75 for adults. Deposit of $30 & permission form are due 10/23.
See Mr. Pontius for more info (but first, look at the email he sent about this previously, as it may conatin answers to your questions).

Troop Meeting 9/25/12

-Old Rag Hike on 10/7-10/8
-Gear Return Schedule: gear returns/pulls will be on every Thursday at 7:30 from now on (there will also be a shed inventory on 9/30 at 1:00)
-PLC 10/2 at 7:30
*There will be an Old Rag meeting immediately after the PLC for all attendees.
-Seige of Mafeking! 11/3-11/4 (cost is approx. $10)
-Scout Day at the US Naval Acadamy from 11/16-11/18 (cost is $25 for scouts and $50 for adults)
Money MUST be collected for this event by October 5th.

Also at the meeting Matt Carter, Nathan Chong, Dave Hansberger, and Chad Besette (or Bessette, I'm still not sure) gave a presentation on stings, bites, and water purification.
Mr. Kuo also gave the troop a spectacular lesson on the Battle of Antietam/Sharpsburg.

Troop Meeting 9/11/12


-Next Tuesday (9/18), there will be a Court of Honor at 7:30
Assignments for the CoH:
*Honey Badgers--Chips
*Blue Phoenix--Cleanup
-Algonkian Cleanup 9/23
-Old Rag Hike 10-7 to 10-8 (Columbus Day weekend)
*All Scouts and adult leaders send Jake Kloman an email by Friday so he can get a headcount for this trip
-Gear Pulls every Wednesday from now on at 7:00
-Popcorn Info: contact Mrs. Khera if you didn't pick up an order form

Also at the meeting we played a lovely game of Pictionary and the Spartans presented a beautifully choreographed performance on Bears and How To Destroy Them. Again, sorry if you missed that.

PLC 9/4/12


-9/11 Troop Meeting (led by the Spartans)
-9/25 Troop Meeting (led by the Dinos)
-9/18 Court of Honor
-10/2 PLC


-Kloman Kampout 9/8 to 9/9 (gear pull for this event 9/5 at 7:00). Your patrol leader/troop guide MUST schedule a patrol meeting before the campout; following that, you should have patrol meetings at least once a month, as we will not be doing Patrol meeting immediately after PLCs.
-Court of Honor 9/18 (I already said that. Oh well.)
-Old Rag Hike 10/6 in the afternoon to 10/7 (Columbus Day). Patrols should get headcounts as soon as possible and report to Jake Kloman.
-MAFEKING!!!!!! 11/3 to 11/4. Only scouts holding a rank of First Class and under may participate in the activities, but we also need older Scouts to help out with said activities.


The following dates are open for scheduling BoRs:

Sept 11
*Court of Honor Sept 18
Oct 16
Nov 13
Nov 27
Dec 11
*Court of Honor dec 18
Jan 22
Feb 19
Feb 26
Mar 12
*Court of Honor mar 19
Apr 16
May 21
May 28
*Court of Honor June 4

Troop Meeting Minutes 8/28/12


- PLC 9/4 7:30-8:30 (talk to your patrol leader/troop guide about scheduling patrol meetings)
- Kloman Kampout from 9/8-9/9 (there will be a canoeing activity)

Also at the meeting there was a riveting presentation by Connor Sullivan on what to do if someone's finger/eye/tooth falls out. Sorry if you missed that.

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