Board Of Review Tips

Advancement Chair - Mrs. Jill Gerhart

  • The purpose of a Board Of Review is to give you (the scout) an opportunity to talk about how you are getting along in the troop, and to review the requirements to ensure that they have been met.
  • The Board of Review members want to learn more about you and to better understand what scouting is doing for you.
  • Their purpose is not to retest you, but rather to be certain you have passed the requirements for a higher rank, to get a sense of the value Scouting has for you, and to clear the way for your further advancement.
  • They will be interested in discussing your service to others, what you have learned from the merit badges you have completed, and the ways in which you are acting as a leader in your patrol and troop.


  1. Complete your rank requirements based on your BSA handbook. Obtain all the necessary signatures for advancement. Be sure you have the most current rank criteria noted in your handbook!
  2. Participate in your Scoutmaster conference. Make sure the signature & date of your Scoutmaster Conference is entered in your handbook.
  3. Telephone the Advancement Chair (Mrs. Gerhart) to schedule your Board of Review, and follow up with an email. A reply email with pertinent info will be sent with details of your Board of Review
  4. Your Board of Review will most likely take place during a regular Troop meeting. Boards of Review are conducted monthly. The schedule (for Boards of Review) is posted on the Troop website.

The review board will be made up of members of the troop committee.

Troop 956 relies on volunteers to serve on Boards of Review.

“Thank You!” to all the adult volunteers who graciously give their time to Scouts BSA.

  1. You must come to your Board of Review in a complete Scout uniform.
  2. Bring your Scout handbook and your updated Individual History Record indicating dates of advancements, service hours, and any outing information.
  3. Be able to recite the following:
    The Scout Law
    The Scout Oath
    The Scout Motto
    The Scout Promise
    The Outdoor Code (Star Rank & above)
  4. Expect questions from the Board members about your opinions, experiences, activities, attitudes, accomplishments for your rank, and acceptance of Scouting’s ideals.
  5. The Board will consist of 3–6 adult members.
  6. The Board of Review will last 15–30 minutes.
  7. You will be asked to leave the room while the Board members decide on your advancement status.
  8. You will be notified that evening of the Board’s decision.
  • You will receive your rank patch for your BSA shirt at the next Troop Court of Honor from the Scoutmaster and Senior Patrol Leader. (you may save your old rank patch)
  • You will also receive your new Rank Advancement card during the next Court of Honor.
  • You must save all Rank Advancement Cards and Merit Badge Blue Cards as you’ll need these cards for your Eagle rank application.
  • You will also get a Parent pin for the rank you have just earned. We encourage you to attach the pin to your parent’s blue/white ribbon during the Court of Honor as a means of appreciation for their support.
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